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Mineralogical influences on water quality from weathering of surface coal mine spoilsClark, Elyse, V., W. Lee Daniels, Carl E.Zipper, and Kenneth Eriksson.2018JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Development of effective rehabilitation protocols for mineral sands mining in Virginia, USA.Daniels, W.L., Z. Orndorff, C. Stilson, C. Zimmerman, and A. Haywood.2018ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Soils of urban and human-impacted landscapes.Howard, J. L., and W. L. Daniels.2017Book ChaptersSoil Genesis View
Modeling patterns of total dissolved solids release from central Appalachia, USA, mine spoils.Clark, E.V., C.E. Zipper, W.L. Daniels, Z.W. Orndorff, and M.J. Keefe.2017JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Below ground matters: Urban soil rehabilitation increases tree canopy and speeds establishment.Layman, R.M., S.D. Day, D. K. Mitchell, Y. Chen, J. R. Harris, and W. L. Daniels.2016JournalsSoil Fertility View
Long-term effects of rock type on Appalachian coal mine soil properties.Nash, W.L., W.L. Daniels, K.C. Haering, J.A. Burger, and C.E. Zipper.2016JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Predicting total dissolved solids release from central Appalachian coal mine spoils.Daniels, W.L., C.E. Zipper, Z.W. Orndorff, J. Skousen, C.D. Barton, L.M. McDonald, and M.A. Beck.2016JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Effect of leaching scale on prediction of total dissolved solids release from coal mine spoils and refuse.Ross, L.C.2015Thesis / DissertationCoal Mine Reclamation View
Parent material and vegetation influence soil microbial community structure following 30-years of rock weathering and pedogenesis.Yarwood, S., A. Wick, M. Williams, and W.L. Daniels.2015JournalsOther View
A column evaluation of Appalachian coal mine spoils' temporal leaching behaviorOrndorff, Z.W., W.L. Daniels, C.E. Zipper, M. Eick, and M. Beck. 2015JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Principles of soil science for turfgrass managers. Daniels, W.L., G. Evanylo, M. Goatley, S. Doak, K. Haering, and J. Dickerson.2015Book ChaptersBasic Soils View
Predicting release of total dissolved solids from overburden material using acid-base accounting parameters.Odenheimer, J., J. Skousen, L.M. McDonald, D.J. Vesper, M. Mannix, and W. L. Daniels.2015JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Microtopographic effects on growth of young bald cypress (Taxodium distichum L.) in a created freshwater forested wetland in southeastern Virginia.Pietrzykowski, M., W.L. Daniels, and S.C. Koropchak. 2015JournalsWetlands View
Regional landscapes and the hydrologic cycleDaniels, W.L.2015Book ChaptersBasic Soils View
Beneficial use of dredge materials for soil reconstruction and development of dredge screening protocols.Koropchak, S.C., W. L. Daniels, A. Wick, G. R. Whittecar and N. Haus.2015JournalsDredge Materials View
Concepts of basic soil scienceDaniels, W.L., and K.C. Haering2015Book ChaptersBasic Soils View
Correlation of TDS release potentials with field leaching behaviors for Appalachian coal mine spoils and coarse refuseDaniels, W.L., Z. Orndorff, C. Ross, S. Koropchak, C. Zipper, D. Evans, and M. Eick.2014Research ReportsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Estimation of carbon sequestration by pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) ecosystems developed on reforested post-mining sites in Poland on differing mine soil substratesPietrzykowski, M. and W.L. Daniels2014JournalsReclamation - General View
Predicting release and aquatic effects of total dissolved solids from Appalachian USA coal mines.Daniels, W.L., C.E. Zipper, and Z.W. Orndorff.2014JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Long-term trends of specific conductance in waters discharged by coal-mine valley fills in Central Appalachia, USAEvans, D.M., C.E. Zipper, P.F. Donovan, and W. L. Daniels.2014JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Organic matter accumulation post-mineral sands mining.Wick, A.F., W.L. Daniels, Z.W. Orndorff, and M.M. Alley.2013JournalsMineral Sands View
Identification of toxic agents and potential exposure routes to Appalachian coal mining communities.Whitacre, S.D., N.T. Basta, C.J. Everett, K. Minca, and W.L. Daniels.2013Book ChaptersOther View
Predicting TDS release from Appalachian mine spoils.Daniels W.L., Z.W. Orndorff, M.J. Eick and C.E. Zipper. 2013.2013Book ChaptersCoal Mine Reclamation View
Indicators of reclamation success for mineral sands mining in the USA.Daniels, W.L., and Z.W. Orndorff.2013ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Comparison of sequential extraction and bioaccessibility analyses of lead using urban soils and reference materials.Howard, J.L., B.R. Dubay, S.P. McElmurry, J. Clemence, and W.L. Daniels2013JournalsOther View
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