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Artifact weathering, anthropogenic microparticles and lead contamination in urban soils at former demolition sites, Detroit, MichiganHoward, J.L., B.R. Dubay, and W.L. Daniels2013JournalsOther View
Changes in soil carbon pools and microbial biomass from urban land development and subsequent post-development soil rehabilitation.Chen, Y., S.D. Day, A.F. Wick, B.D. Strahm, P.E. Wiseman, and W.L. Daniels.2013JournalsReclamation - General View
A comparison of mineralogical techniques and potassium adsorption isotherm analysis for relative dating and correlation of Late Quaternary soil chronosequences. Howard, J.L., C.R. Clawson, and W. L. Daniels. 2012JournalsOther View
Development of effective rehabilitation protocols for mineral sands mining in Virginia, USA.Daniels, W.L., C. Stilson, and C. Zimmerman.2012ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Linkages between soil micro-site properties and CO2 and N2O emissions during a simulated thaw for a northern prairie Mollisol.Wick, A.F., R.L. Phillips. M.A. Liebig, M. West, and W. L. Daniels.2012JournalsOther View
Biogenic emissions of CO2 and N2O at multiple depths increase exponentially during a simulated soil thaw for a northern prairie Mollisol.Phillips, R.L., A.F. Wick, M.A. Liebig, M.S. West, and W. L. Daniels2012JournalsOther View
Leaching potential and forms of phosphorus in deep row applied biosolids underlying hybrid poplar.Kostyanovsky, K.I., G.K. Evanylo, K.K. Lasley, W.L. Daniels, and C. Shang.2011JournalsMineral Sands View
General soil science principlesDaniels, W. L., and K. C. Haering2011Book ChaptersBasic Soils View
Managing urban soilsDaniels, W.L.2011Book ChaptersBasic Soils View
Transformations of nitrogen and carbon in entrenched biosolids at a reclaimed mineral sands mining siteKostyanovsky, K. I., G. K. Evanylo, K. K. Lasley, C. Shang, B. F. Sukkariyah, and W. L. Daniels2011JournalsBiosolids View
Remediation of PAH-contaminated soils and sediments: A literature review.Wick, A.F., N.W. Haus, B.F. Sukkariyah, K.C. Haering and W.L. Daniels2011Research ReportsDredge Materials View
Effects of prime farmland soil reconstruction methods on post-mining productivity of mineral sands mine soils in VirginiaOrndorff, Z.W., W. L. Daniels, K.R. Meredith, M.M. Alley, and A.F. Wick2011ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Soil development and vegetation establishment on amended saline dredged materialsWick, A.F., W.L. Daniels, and C.H. Carter III2011ProceedingsDredge Materials View
Upland placement and management of acid-forming dredge materialsWick, A.F., W.L. Daniels, Z.W. Orndorff, and C.H. Carter III2011ProceedingsDredge Materials View
Soil aggregate, organic matter and microbial dynamics under different amendments after 27 years of mine soil developmentWick, A.F., W.L. Daniels, W.L. Nash, and J.A. Burger2010ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Leaching potentials of coal spoil and refuse: Acid-base interactions and electrical conductivityOrndorff, Z.W., W.L. Daniels, M. Beck, and M.J. Eick2010ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Primary productivity in 20-year-old created wetlands: Evaluation of self-design.Atkinson R., J.E. Perry, G. Noe, W.L. Daniels, and J. Cairns2010JournalsWetlands View
Growth of seedlings of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan (L.) MILLSP), wand riverhemp (Sesbania virgata (CAV.) PERS.), and lead tree (Leucaena leucocephala (LAM.) DE WIT) in an arsenic-contaminated soilDias L.E., R. Melo, J. Mello, J. Oliveira, and W.L. Daniels2010JournalsReclamation - General View
Phytoavailability of cadmium in long-term biosolids-amended soils.Kukier, U., R.L. Chaney, J.A. Ryan, W. L. Daniels, R H. Dowdy, and T.C. Granato2010JournalsBiosolids View
Chemistry and transport of metals from entrenched biosolids at a reclaimed mineral sands mining siteLasley, K.K., G.K. Evanylo, K.I. Kostyanovsky, C. Shang, M.J. Eick, and W. L. Daniels2010JournalsBiosolids View
Primary productivity in 20-year-old created wetlands in southwestern VirginiaAtkinson, R. B., J.E. Perry, G. B. Noe, W. L. Daniels, and J. Cairns2010JournalsWetlands View
Chemical and physical properties of reconstructed mineral sands mine soils in southeastern VirginiaSchroeder, P.D., W.L Daniels and M.M. Alley2010JournalsMineral Sands View
Microbial and geochemical responses to organic matter amendments in a created wetlandBruland, G.L., C.R. Richardson and W.L. Daniels2009JournalsWetlands View
Topsoil: What is it and who cares?Darmody R., W.L. Daniels, J. Marlin, and D. Cremeens2009ProceedingsReclamation - General View
Criteria for beneficial utilization of dredge sediments in Virginia, USADaniels W.L., A.F. Wick, N.W. Haus, G.R. Whittecar, and C.H. Carter2009ProceedingsDredge Materials View
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