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Revegetation of acid forming gold mining spoils containing high levels of arsenicde Assis, I.R., L.E. Dias, T. Veloso, and W.L. Daniels2009ProceedingsAcid Sulfate View
Potential of three legume species for phytoremediation of arsenic contaminated soilsDias, L.E., R. Melo, J. Mello, J. Oliveira, and W.L. Daniels2009ProceedingsReclamation - General View
Physical protection of organic matter in reclaimed coal mine soils of SW VirginiaWick, A.F., and W.L. Daniels2009ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Microbial biomass in reclaimed soils following coal mining in VirginiaClayton H., A.F. Wick, and W.L. Daniels2009ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Removal of nutrients from stormwater using CCPs. Waldrop, R.J., M. Beck, W.L. Daniels, M. Eick, R. Maguire, J. Hunt, and B. Joyner.2009ProceedingsCoal Combustion Products View
Predicting contaminant leaching potentials for Central Appalachian overburden and coal refuse materialDaniels, W.L., M. Beck, M. Eick, and Z. Orndorff. 2009Research ReportsCoal Mine Reclamation View
The influence of soil reconstruction techniques on mineral sands mine soils in VirginiaMeredith, K.R., W.L. Daniels, Z.W. Orndorff, M.M. Alley, and C.D. Teutsch2008ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Impact of soil reconstruction method on yield nutritive value and botanical composition of a mixed grass-legume standTeutsch, C.D., W. L. Daniels, Z.W. Orndorff, M.M. Alley, K.R. Meredith, and W. Tilson2008ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Impact of soil reconstruction method on nitrate accumulation in forages grown for livestock feedTeutsch, C.D., W.L. Daniels, Z.W. Orndorff, M.M. Alley, K.R. Meredith, and W. Tilson2008ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Reclamation of mineral sands mines and topsoil replacement studyZimmerman, C., C. Stilson, and W.L. Daniels2008ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Plant growth effects of coal combustion product amendment to mine spoils and associated leaching potentialsBeck, M.A., W.L. Daniels, and M.J. Eick2008ProceedingsCoal Combustion Products View
A two-phase process for revegetation of acidic bauxite tailings in the Amazon region, BrazilDias, L., A. Franco, E. Campello, S. Faria, A. Castilho, J. Henriques, and W.L. Daniels2008ProceedingsReclamation - General View
Revegetation of acid forming mine spoils in Paracatu, Minas Gerais State, BrazilDias, L., I. de Assis, and W. L. Daniels2008ProceedingsAcid Sulfate View
Remediation of upland active acid sulfate soils with lime-stabilized biosolids, lime and yardwaste compostOrndorff, Z.W., and W.L. Daniels2008ProceedingsAcid Sulfate View
Optimizing management of PAH contaminated sediment from the Appomattox River Federal Navigation ChannelTracey G., G. Berman, J. Insalco, J. Swanko, S. Powell, R. Pruhs, R. Reali, W. Daniels, and C. Carter2008ProceedingsDredge Materials View
Reclamation of disturbed sulfidic coastal plain sediments using lime-stabilized biosolidsOrndorff, Z.W., W.L. Daniels, and D.S. Fanning2008JournalsAcid Sulfate View
Soybean phytotoxicity from land-applied biosolidsHaering, K.C., W.L. Daniels, and G.K. Evanylo2008JournalsBiosolids View
Biological aspects of metal waste reclamation with biosolidsStuczynski, T., G. Siebielec, W.L. Daniels, G. McCarty, and R. Chaney2007JournalsSmelter Wastes & Tailings View
Vegetation dynamics in response to organic matter loading rates in a created freshwater wetland in southeastern VirginiaBailey, D.E., J.E. Perry and W.L. Daniels.2007JournalsWetlands View
The use of soil amendments for remediation, revitalization, and reuseAllen H., S. Brown, R. Chaney, W. L. Daniels, C. Henry, D. Neuman, E. Rubin, J. Ryan, and W. Toffey2007Book ChaptersCoal Mine Reclamation View
Fly ash characteristics and carbon sequestration potentialPalumbo A.V., J.E. Amonette, J.R. Tarver, L.A. Fagan, M.S. McNeilly, and W.L. Daniels2007ProceedingsCoal Combustion Products View
Leachate chemistry of mixtures of fly ash and alkaline coal refuseBeck, M.A, W.L. Daniels, and M. Eick2007ProceedingsCoal Combustion Products View
Sustainability indicators for mineral sands mining in Virginia, USADaniels, W.L., Z.W. Orndorff, M.M. Alley, L.W. Zelazny, and C.D. Teutsch2007ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Conversion of Potomac River dredge sediments to productive agricultural soils.Daniels, W.L., G.R. Whittecar, and C.H. Carter.2007ProceedingsDredge Materials View
Red oak seedling response to different topsoil substitutes after five years.Burger, J.A., D. Mitchem, and W.L. Daniels. 2007ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
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