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Development of rapid assessment protocols for beneficial use of post-2000 coal combustion products in Virginia coal mines.Daniels, W.L., M. Beck, and M. Eick.2006Research ReportsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Guidance for the beneficial use of fly ash on coal mines in VirginiaDaniels, W.L., M. Beck, and M. Eick2006ProceedingsCoal Combustion Products View
Predicting depth to sulfidic sediments in the Coastal Plain of VirginiaOrndorff, Z.W., and W.L. Daniels2006ProceedingsAcid Sulfate View
Effects of cover soil thickness on revegetation of acidic Appalachian coal refuseDaniels, W.L.2005ProceedingsCoal Refuse View
Properties and classification of mineral sand mine soils in southeastern VirginiaOrndorff, Z.W., W.L. Daniels, and J.M. Galbraith2005ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Can we return heavy mineral sands mines in Virginia to productive agricultural uses? Daniels, W.L.2005ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Inter-laboratory comparison of leaching methodsHesbach, P., C. Burgers, A. Greiner, D. Hassett, L. Heebink, M. Beck, M. Eick, and W.L. Daniels2005ProceedingsCoal Combustion Products View
Season length indicators and land-use effects in southeast Virginia wet flatsBurdt, A.C., J.M. Galbraith, and W.L. Daniels2005JournalsWetlands View
Mapping and classification of southwest Virginia mine soilsHaering, K.C., W.L. Daniels, and J.M. Galbraith2005JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Soil organic carbon content in frigid southern Appalachian Mountain soilsMiller, J.O., J.G. Galbraith, and W.L. Daniels2004JournalsOther View
Prospects for enhancing carbon sequestration and reclamation of degraded lands with fossil-fuel combustion by-productsPalumbo, A.V., J.F. McCarthy, J.E. Amonette, L.S. Fisher, S.D. Wullschleger and W.L. Daniels2004JournalsCoal Combustion Products View
Evaluation of acid-producing sulfidic materials in Virginia highway corridorsOrndorff, Z.W., and W.L. Daniels2004JournalsAcid Sulfate View
Using Mehlich-1 to estimate soil phosphorus saturation for environmental risk assessmentBeck, M.A., L.W. Zelazny, W.L. Daniels and G.L. Mullins2004JournalsOther View
Upland active acid sulfate soils from construction of new Stafford County, Virginia, USA, airportFanning, D., M. Rabenhorst, C. Coppock, W. Daniels and Z. Orndorff2004JournalsAcid Sulfate View
Appalachian mine soil morphology and properties: Effects of weathering and mining methodHaering, K.C., W.L. Daniels, and J.M. Galbraith2004JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Potential contaminants at a dredged spoil placement site, Charles City County, Virginia, as revealed by sequential extractionTang, G.W., G.R. Whittecar, K.H. Johannesson, and W.L. Daniels2004JournalsDredge Materials View
Application of emerging tools and techniques for measuring carbon and microbial communities in reclaimed mine soilsPalumbo, A.V., L.S. Fisher, M.Z. Martin, Z.K. Yang, J.R. Tarver, S.D. Wullschleger and W.L. Daniels.2004JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Soil testing procedures for waste productsDaniels, W.L.2004MemoBy-Product Screening View
Assessing soil and hydrologic properties for the successful creation of non-tidal wetlandsDaniels, W.L., and G.R. Whittecar2004Book ChaptersWetlands View
Suitability of fresh and aged paper sludge as soil amendmentsEvanylo, G.K., W.L. Daniels, and S. Nagle2004JournalsBy-Product Screening View
Oxidation rate of pyrite from Brazilian coal as affected by CaCO3, oxygenation, and crystal sizeRibeiro Jr., E.S., J.W.V. Mello, W.A.P. Abraão, L.E. Dias, and W. L. Daniels2004JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Mine soil morphology and properties in pre- and post-SMCRA coal mined landscapes in southwest VirginiaDaniels, W.L., K.C. Haering, and J.M. Galbraith2004ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Mine soil classification and mapping issues on pre- and post-SMCRA Appalachian coal mined lands.Daniels, W.L., K.C. Haering, J.M. Galbraith, and J. Thomas2004ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Reclamation of disturbed sulfidic coastal plain sediments using biosolids at Stafford Regional Airport in VirginiaOrndorff, Z.W., and W.L. Daniels2004ProceedingsAcid Sulfate View
Effects of biosolids loading rate on nitrate leaching potentials in sand and gravel mine reclamation in VirginiaDaniels, W.L., G.K. Evanylo, S.M. Nagle, and J.M. Schmidt2003ProceedingsSand & Gravel View
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