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Acid rock drainage from highway and construction activities in Virginia, USADaniels, W.L., and Z.W. Orndorff2003ProceedingsAcid Sulfate View
Chemical and physical properties of mineral sands mine soils in southeastern VirginiaDaniels, W.L., Z.W. Orndorff, and P.D. Schroeder2003ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Strategies for the return of heavy mineral sands mines to productive agricultural usesDaniels, W.L.2003ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Reclamation of prime farmland following mineral sands mining in VirginiaDaniels, W.L., P.D. Schroeder, S.M. Nagle, L.W. Zelazny, and M.M. Alley2003JournalsMineral Sands View
Linking research and regulatory policy to enable advances in reclamation practiceZipper, C.E., B.C. Lambert, J.A. Burger, and W.L. Daniels2002ProceedingsReclamation - General View
Effects of biosolids application on ground water nitrate-N levels in sand and gravel mine reclamation in VirginiaDaniels, W.L., S.M. Nagle, G.R. Whittecar, and G.K. Evanylo2002ProceedingsSand & Gravel View
Evaluation of sulfidic materials in Virginia highway corridorsOrndorff, Z.W., W.L. Daniels, and L.E. Dias2002ProceedingsAcid Sulfate View
Reclamation of prime farmland following mineral sands mining in VirginiaDaniels, W.L., P. Schroeder, S. Nagle, L. Zelazny, and M. Alley2002ProceedingsMineral Sands View
The potential for beneficial reuse of coal fly ash in southwest Virginia mining environments. Daniels, W.L, B.R. Stewart, K.C. Haering, and C.E. Zipper2002Extension ReportsCoal Combustion Products View
Determining optimal sawdust/ biosolids mixtures to manage nitrate leaching in reclaimed disturbed soilsSchmidt, J.M., W.L. Daniels, R.S. Li, and D. McFaden2001ProceedingsBiosolids View
Quality of amended mine soils after sixteen yearsBendfeldt, E.S., J.A. Burger, and W.L. Daniels2001JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Dynamics of sulfur fractions in Brazilian soils submitted to consecutive harvests of sorghumRibeiro, R.S., Jr., L.E. Dias, V.H. Alvarez V., J.W.V. Mello, and W.L. Daniels2001JournalsSoil Fertility View
Evaluation of leachates from coal refuse blended with fly ash at different ratesStewart, B.R., W.L. Daniels, L.W. Zelazny, and M.L. Jackson2001JournalsCoal Refuse View
Spatial variability in palustrine wetlandsStolt, M.H., M.H. Genthner, W.L. Daniels, and V.A. Groover2001JournalsWetlands View
Effects of biosolids loading rate and sawdust additions on row crop yield and nitrate leaching potentials in Virginia sand and gravel mine reclamation. Daniels, W.L., G.K. Evanylo, S.M. Nagle, and J.M. Schmidt2001ProceedingsSand & Gravel View
Water table study for nitrate management and improved site evaluation for wastewater treatment.Peacock, C.D., J.F. Conta, P.R. Cobb, and G.F. Whitley.2001Research ReportsPublications by other authors View
Reclaiming mined lands with biosolids, manures, and papermill sludgesHaering, Kathryn C., W. Lee Daniels, and Sam E. Feagley2000Book ChaptersCoal Mine Reclamation View
Comparison of soil and other environmental conditions in constructed and adjacent palustrine reference wetlandsStolt, M.H., M.H. Genthner, W.L. Daniels, V.A. Groover, S.M. Nagle, and K.C. Haering2000JournalsWetlands View
Availability of phosphorus in a Brazilian Oxisol cultivated with eucalyptus after nine years as influenced by P-fertilizer source, rate and placementL.E. Dias, J.Q. P. Fernandez, N.F. de Barros, R.F. de Novais, É.J. de Moraes, and W.L. Daniels2000JournalsSoil Fertility View
Influence of liming and topsoil on vegetative growth and leaching potentials of acid coal refuseDaniels, W.L., R.S. Li, and B.R. Stewart2000JournalsCoal Refuse View
Establishment of low maintenance vegetation in highway corridorsBooze-Daniels, J.N., J.M. Krouse, W.L. Daniels, D.L. Wright, and R.E. Schmidt2000Book ChaptersRoadside View
Reclamation of Appalachian coal refuse disposal areasDaniels, W.L., and B.R. Stewart.2000Book ChaptersCoal Refuse View
Risk assessment and remediation of soils contaminated by mining and smelting of lead, zinc, and cadmiumChaney, R.L., S.L. Brown, T.I. Stuczynski, W.L. Daniels, C.L. Henry, Y.M. Li, G. Siebielec, M. Malik, J.S. Angle, J.A. Ryan, and H. Compton2000ProceedingsSmelter Wastes & Tailings View
Reclamation of prime farmlands following mineral sands mining in VirginiaDaniels, W.L., P.D. Schroeder, S.M. Nagle, L.W. Zelazny, and M.M. Alley1999ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Dynamics and characteristics of soil organic matter in mine soils sixteen years after amendment with native soil, sawdust and sludgeBendfeldt, E.S., J.A. Burger, W.L. Daniels, and C.M. Feldhake1999ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
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