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Characterization of acid leaching reactions in coal refuse/coal fly ash bulk blendsDaniels, W.L., L.W. Zelazny, and B.R. Stewart1999ProceedingsCoal Combustion Products View
Chesapeake Bay region nutrient management training manualNagle, S., G. Evanylo, W.L. Daniels, D. Beegle and V. Groover1999Extension ReportsOther View
Use of hydrogeomorphic concepts to design created wetlands in southeastern VirginiaWhittecar, G.R. and W. L. Daniels1999JournalsWetlands View
Paper mill sludge composting and compost utilizationEvanylo, G.K., and W.L. Daniels1999JournalsBy-Product Screening View
Hydric soil development in depressional wetlands: A case study from surface mined landscapesAtkinson, R.B., W.L. Daniels and J. Cairns, Jr.1998Book ChaptersWetlands View
Reclamation of disturbed landsToy, T.J., and W.L. Daniels1998Book ChaptersReclamation - General View
Redoximorphic features of the seasonal water table, Upper Coastal Plain, VirginiaGenthner, M.H., W.L. Daniels, R.L. Hodges, and P.J. Thomas1998Book ChaptersWetlands View
Quantifying Fe, Mn, and carbon fluxes in palustrine wetlandsStolt, M.H., M.H. Genthner, W.L. Daniels, V.A. Groover and S.M. Nagle1998Book ChaptersWetlands View
Influence of liming and topsoil thickness on vegetative growth and leachate quality of acidic coal refuseLi, R.S., W.L. Daniels, and B.R. Stewart1998ProceedingsCoal Refuse View
Reclamation of Pb/Zn smelter wastes in Upper Silesia, PolandDaniels, W.L., T. Stuczynski, R.L. Chaney, K. Pantuck, and F. Pistelok1998ProceedingsSmelter Wastes & Tailings View
Reclamation of coal refuse with a papermill sludge amendmentLi, R.S., and W.L. Daniels1997ProceedingsCoal Refuse View
Stabilization and revegetation of metal smelter wastes in PolandStuczynski, T., W.L. Daniels, K. Pantuck, and F. Pistelok1997ProceedingsSmelter Wastes & Tailings View
Constructing wetlands during reclamation to improve wildlife habitatAtkinson, R., C. Zipper, W.L. Daniels and J. Cairns, Jr.1997Extension ReportsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Creation and management of productive mine soilsDaniels, W.L., and C.E. Zipper1997Extension ReportsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Evaluation of leachate quality from codisposed coal fly ash and coal refuseStewart, B.R., W.L. Daniels and M.L. Jackson1997JournalsCoal Combustion Products View
Papermill sludge enhances the quality of agricultural soilsEvanylo, G.K., and W.L. Daniels1996Extension ReportsBy-Product Screening View
Manipulating the chemical properties of mine soils and mining wastesDaniels, W.L.1996ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Ontogeny of accidental wetland and hydric soil development in surface mined landscapesAtkinson, R.B., W.L. Daniels, and J. Cairns Jr.1996ProceedingsCoal Mine Reclamation View
Strategies for rehabilitating prime farmlands following mineral sands mining in Virginia, USADaniels, W.L., M.M. Alley, L.W. Zelazny, Y.Z. Lei, V.A.L. Groover, and P.D. Schroeder1996ProceedingsMineral Sands View
Reclamation of coal refuse disposal areasDaniels, W.L., B.R. Stewart, and D.C. Dove1995Extension ReportsCoal Refuse View
Micromorphology and dissolution of quartz sand in some exceptionally ancient soilsHoward, J.L., D.F. Amos, and W.L. Daniels1995JournalsSoil Genesis View
Improving coal surface mine reclamation in the central Appalachian regionDaniels, W.L., and C.E. Zipper1995Book ChaptersCoal Mine Reclamation View
The impacts of coal refuse/fly ash bulk blends on water quality and plant growthStewart, B.R., and W.L. Daniels1995ProceedingsCoal Refuse View
Use of sewage sludge for land reclamation in the central AppalachiansDaniels, W.L., and K.C. Haering1994Book ChaptersBiosolids View
Nitrogen accumulation and form over time in young mine soilsLi, R.S., and W.L. Daniels1994JournalsCoal Mine Reclamation View
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