Wetbud: Wetland Water Budget Modeling Software

We are currently developing Wetbud software for wetland water budget modeling in cooperation with Zach Agioutantis at the University of Kentucky (our software programmer), and with Tess Thompson at Virginia Tech, Rich Whittecar at Old Dominion University, and Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc (WSSI).

Wetbud is primarily intended as a planning tool for use in the design of created wetlands, but it can also be applied to native wetlands where the required input parameters can be specified.


  • The latest Wetbud download (version, updated 24 Jan 2019) is available HERE (this is a link to the file on Dropbox.com, but a Dropbox account is not required for download).
  • A users manual for the Wetbud Plus Project Wizard is downloadable HERE.
  • A Wetbud Technical Support forum is available on Google Groups.
  • Powerpoint presentations from the WSSI Wetbud Workshop in Gainesville, VA, on 14 April 2016 are available HERE.