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Recognition and Remediation of Acid Sulfate Soil Conditions in the Fredericksburg Area

January 24, 2020, Fredericksburg, VA

Join Virginia Tech’s Dr. Lee Daniels and Dr. Zenah Orndoff for a public seminar and outreach program. “Land development and construction in the Fredericksburg area commonly unearths sulfidic geologic materials which rapidly weather to produce acid sulfate soil conditions… leading to degradation of local soils, water quality and infrastructure. Virginia Tech has been studying this problem and its remediation in the region for over twenty years. This program will focus on (a) the origin and distribution of acid sulfate materials, (b) how to recognize and analyze their properties, (c) potential environmental and engineering impacts, and (d) appropriate remediation strategies. Other related programs will also be discussed. An optional local field trip will be offered in the afternoon including Stafford Airport.”
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